In addition to all our services, we also have programs specifically designed for our Strata Corporations.

Staffing Program

Whether you need a live-in manager or a part-time cleaner, we offer affordable staffing solutions for your building.  We keep it simple for you we take care of all the technical details like CPP, EI, Income tax Work Safe BC and other payroll costs. 

Integrity Price Program

If You're Building already subscribed to our staffing program you automatically qualify for the Integrity Price Program.  If not you can qualify with a commitment of a minimum of 4 hours per month.  This will get you a 10% discount on our services and a 50% discount on Parts Markup and additional services.

On Call For You Program

In a sense this is a preventive maintenance program specifically designed to mitigate and minimize loss or damage in the case of equipment failure or flood.  This includes a monthly inspection of all equipment by an expert Maintenance Technician.   In the event of a flood, we create a custom emergency response plan for your building. We note where all the appropriate shut offs are and compile a contact list of all the owners so we can contact neighbouring units. We Implement a voluntary Key program that is kept on site in a secure location, keys are coded to ensure security.  The benefit to this is that if you are on holidays and the person above these pipes burst we can get in and prevent loss and damage to your property.  Restoration services and 24h emergency services are only offered to clients within this program.